Thursday, November 6, 2014

Encounters / Appointments Changes

The "Important Dates" section on the Personal Info Page can get a bit lengthy for some if the individual has had several doctor visits, etc.

We also had a request today to include information from specific Medical Appointments (Encounters) on the Health Passport as a Medical History to be seen by physicians, etc.  (Even though some states may no longer require a Health Passport, you have told us that you are still using it, so it will remain on your menu.)

To take care of these issues, we have added two fields at the bottom of the Encounter add/edit form.  These have also been added to the Encounter Query so that you can edit these and get a quick look at which ones have been changed. 
We will implement the "Important Dates" change so that only encounters marked as "Yes" will be shown soon.  But for now, it will continue to show the last year's encounter plus those scheduled for the future until you have had enough time to edit these.

Show this under Important Dates on Personal Info Page?
  * Yes No
Show this on Health Passport under Med History?
  * Yes No


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