Thursday, March 31, 2016

Edit Prescriptions Shortcut Added

In the previous post we mentioned new shortcuts for adding and viewing Encounters/Events (a.k.a."Appointments").

On that same menu under "Give Med", you will now see "Edit Prescription" as long as you have A/E/D permissions to "Individual: Med/Prescription".

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Encounter Shortcuts Now on Personal Info Page

We have added easy access to Encounters without scrolling down each time you want to open up Encounters.

When you open up an Individual’s page, at the top are several Selections: Notes – Give Med – Charts – Incident – View

If you select Charts, mouse over to it and then click on Encounters at the bottom and this gives you the ability to enter a New Encounter.

To access Encounters itself quickly, select View and mouse over to it and then click on Encounters. This opens up instantly to all of the Encounters for that particular person and avoids scrolling down to find Encounters! And then for quick access to the categories above the encounters, click on one of them (such as Consents) and all of the consents will show up for the year you have selected!


Thursday, December 24, 2015

For Tennessee Users -- Two New Note Types

For Tennessee Users Only:

CB Wrap Around and Individual Integrated Employment note types have been added to the system.

From Charting, Requirements, select these new note types per individual as needed.

The notes will appear on their Quick Menus from their Personal Info Page if selected from Charting Requirements.

These two new note types will be added to the billing report.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Features

Side Effects now get automatically populated from Pharmacy Connection if no side effects carry forward otherwise.
You can still select the WebMD side effects link to see their side effects and comments.

The diagnosis field is now available to be filled from Pharmacy Connection.

On the Prescriptions menu option (Individuals, Med Admin), those with accounts with Delmar Pharmacy will be able to see the script images directly for each prescription re-order number ("RO Number").  So you will no longer have to download and then upload those into our system.  This works for prescriptions in the past as well.  After you select the prescription to search for, a "See Image" link appears to the right of the View or Edit links.  Click See Image and it pops up a new window with the prescription's order image.  This should be a big time saver.

Tennessee:  A new version of the ISP was added.  In addition, the ISP is now divided into easier to manage sections.  Just fill out the first page and save and then click on a link to another page.

We have a new Documentation Checklist that's available under Maintenance and is on the Individual menu as well.  (Ask about this feature if you do not currently see it on your menus.)


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Exclusions Database Updated - 7/8/2015

Our Exclusions Database has been updated for 7/8/2015.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Exclusions Database Updated - 6/9/2015

The OIG.HHS.Gov Exclusions database has been updated in InfoServDD for June 09, 2015.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Med Variance Form Change for Tennessee

Tennessee agencies are using the new Med Variance form as shown below.  Information from the "Give Med" form is carried over to this new form.


Monday, March 9, 2015

TN Monthly Summary

Places have been added to include info on three additional services on the Tennessee Monthly Summary.

Exclusions Database Updated - 3/5/2015

The Exclusions Database has been updated.

Monday, February 9, 2015

CB and IH Notes -- Person Centered Rationale

For Tennessee agencies, we have added a person centered rationale pull-down to CB and IH Notes in order to identify a reason that a consumer may not be receiving a full six hours of day services.

For billing, we are making the following changes:

  • The expected amount for day service delivery is 6 hours.
  • If a person receives less than 6 hours, a Person-centered Rationale selection has to be provided. (minimum is 2 hrs. or 3.06 hrs. depending on approved day services)
  • If a person receives less than 6 hours for the day, a person centered rationale is required.
  • Explain ‘Other’ in the PCR list.  This field is provided in order to describe rationale that has not been provided in the list.
  • Explain rules for minimum of 3.06 with Combined notes? The state’s minimum requirement for day services (excluding SE) is 3 hours and 1/10th of an hour if/when a person receives both IH and CB day services. If a person receives CB alone, the minimum is 2 hours. This is something that you can be audited for.  
  • You can add your own person centered rationale options to the pull-down called "PCP Rationale".

February Exclusions Database is now available

The February 9, 2015 Exclusions Database update is now available on to process for your agency, if applicable.
You must have A/E/D access to Employees: Exclusions Database in order to see this on your menu.


Monday, December 22, 2014

My Messages

If you don't have unread required messages to view, the message grid no longer loads up by default in My Messages.  There is no need to wait for messages to be loaded unless you want to see them, so this change was made.  Simply click on the Inbox to see your messages. 

We also made changes to insure that you can always see the first and second attachments that may be associated with a message. 

User Meeting in January

If you are able to host a user meeting for our Tennessee InfoServDD users group some time in January, please email  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Med Variance Alerts

We are now sending out an additional Medication Variance Alert to those who are to be notified. This one is sent out after the user has identified that one of the med variance conditions has been med and submits the "Give Med" form.
This alert says, "A new Medication Variance condition has occurred.  You will receive another email upon its completion."

The user then is supposed to complete the Med Variance form.  Once that is completed, you receive the Med Variance alert that you are accustomed to seeing.  If you receive the first alert without a follow-up alert, you will need to make sure that the user filled out the form.

NOTE:  Kentucky users will not receive this alert.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Agency Sites - New Fields Added

We have added some new optional fields to the Agency Sites form.  Not all agencies will use these but you could all make use of the "Notes" field.  The additional fields are at the bottom of the form.
The Housing Type field only applies to Missouri currently.  Send us a Help Desk if you need the Housing Type field as well.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Important Dates on Info Page and Med History on Health Passport

We have implemented the change on the Personal Info page that shows the "Important Dates" so that only the Encounters/Appointments marked as Important Dates  = Yes will show up here.

Also, the New Health Passport has been changed to include the Encounters/Appointments marked as  Med History = Yes under a new Medical History section near the bottom.

Please mark the encounter/appointment records that you think are worthy of showing up in these areas.

Show this under Important Dates on Personal Info Page?
  * Yes  No
Show this on Health Passport under Med History?
  * Yes  No

Monday, November 10, 2014

Exclusions Database for November Updated

The Exclusions OIG.Gov database has been updated (as of 11/7/2014).

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Contact Type -- "Inactive"

We have added a new contact checkbox to designate the contact as inactive.  Inactive contacts will not show up on the Face Sheet, etc. 
From Individuals, Contacts, View Contacts, click on the Change Type link to get to the screen below where you see "Is contact INACTIVE?".


Encounters / Appointments Changes

The "Important Dates" section on the Personal Info Page can get a bit lengthy for some if the individual has had several doctor visits, etc.

We also had a request today to include information from specific Medical Appointments (Encounters) on the Health Passport as a Medical History to be seen by physicians, etc.  (Even though some states may no longer require a Health Passport, you have told us that you are still using it, so it will remain on your menu.)

To take care of these issues, we have added two fields at the bottom of the Encounter add/edit form.  These have also been added to the Encounter Query so that you can edit these and get a quick look at which ones have been changed. 
We will implement the "Important Dates" change so that only encounters marked as "Yes" will be shown soon.  But for now, it will continue to show the last year's encounter plus those scheduled for the future until you have had enough time to edit these.

Show this under Important Dates on Personal Info Page?
  * Yes No
Show this on Health Passport under Med History?
  * Yes No


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fix for CyberSitter Issue with Personal Info Menu

If you have a computer using CyberSitter Internet filtering that has trouble showing the new pull-down menus on the Personal Info page, please add the following to the allowable URL list:

This will fix the issue and the new menu will be displayed.

(Scroll down to see the "New Menu Option" post on May 29th below for a picture of the menu.)