Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Medical Encounter Report Change

We have made a change to the Medical Encounter Report's medication list.  All medications listed are now only meds that are active at the date/time of the encounter/appointment.
So if the appointment is six months in the future and your meds all have end dates prior to that, no meds would show on the report.
Conversely, reports in the past show the meds that were active at the time of the encounter.
In practice, the report is normally only printed just prior to the appointment, so this change may not be noticed by some.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Employee -- Corrective Actions and Performance Modules

Some states already have the employee performance module and the enhanced disciplinary action module.

We are changing the Discipline module for the State of Tennessee to a Corrective Action module.
After you search for an employee, both modules appear on the list of actions.

Corrective Action Form
Performance form


My Messages -- Scheduled (or Repeating) Messages

We are also adding the ability to schedule repeating messages that can be sent out automatically in the future.
This will allow you to create reminders that can be sent every "X" days, weeks, or months starting on a specific date and ending on an end date that you specify.