Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Medication Changes

The Route has been added to our MAR Report and Current Medication reports and to the Give Med screen.

The MAR report now has an option to "gray out" dates/times when the medication should not be given.
If the med is to be given every other day, you can start the prescription on 1/1/2012 and yet change the first date to be given to 1/2/2012 so that it only shows up on the Give Med screen every other day starting on the 2nd.

Our new medication screens will be available as soon as agencies have been trained.  The Give Med screen will be based on a calendar.  If you hover over the "Give Med" link of a particular medication, it will give you the details about the dosage, etc.   Notice that you will also be able to select a different individual directly from the Give Med screen.  This new interface should help make it easier to identify issues such as missed meds by turning the medication background red.

College of Direct Support - Optional Module Name Addition

The CDS import now takes into account when you have a course that is the 2nd/optional CDS course name (if it is added to the Course record and then matches the module name in the Excel spreadsheet).

So if you add the optional module name to a course and the import spreadsheet matches it, it will import the record.  (In other words a single course in InfoServDD can have two different College of Direct Support course names.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The start and end prescription dates have been added onto the Medication Name Selector.  A filter has also been applied to show only meds/prescriptions with end dates SIX MONTHS OLD OR AFTER.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Clock-In Feature

We now allow your agency to clock-in and clock-out without one of our supported fingerprint scanners. 
Contact us if your agency would like to use this new feature.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

College of Direct Support Upload

If you want to update your training records in InfoServDD, you can do so from the "College Dir. Supp." link under the Employee Training menu .

Before you upload your file, please click on the Excel icon or link (as shown above) and examine the CDS file format.   You must make sure that all of your employee records have "LearnerID" entries that match the CDS LearnerIDs.  All of the courses in the system must also have their CDS Module Name match the Module Names (exactly) from the CDS file.  Once it has completed, it will tell you how many records were uploaded.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Look?

Do you like this new look for InfoServDD?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Medication Variance Enhancements

We have added a new Medication Variance report and have added a new Medication Variance query (both under the Maintenance module).  The report allows you to search by date entered or date of the variance.

DS Weekly Schedule - by Caseload

The DS Weekly Schedule add form (under the Maintenance module) now only includes individuals in your caseload.

Incident Reports

Tennessee providers and ISC agencies can now run actual PDF copies of Incident Reports in a batch.  We added a new option to either view the list of incidents and investigations or view the reports on the same "View Incidents" search/filter screen that we have always had.  It also includes the option to search by incident date or date entered/submitted.

Monthly Encounter Report (Providers)

The Monthly Encounter Report is now available to users that have caseloads.  This is a very powerful report and should prove quite useful.  It is on the Maintenance, General Reports menu.

Antecedents, Behaviors and Consequences Totals Report

We have a new report showing the total counts of antecedents, behaviors and consequences per individual/service recipient.  This report is under the Notes, ABC Data:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Application for Employment

Contact us if you want to use the new Application for Employment feature.  It allows for potential employees to enter their employment applications on-line.  Then you can use the "Review" process under Employees, Applications, View Applications to view the applications or enter review information on a particular candidate.  Once approved, you can click on "Hire Applicant" to automatically load the person into the system as an employee.

Mock Fire Drill

We have added a new Mock Fire Drill "Report" link under Maintenance, Mock Fire Drill -- beneath the "View" and "Add..." links.  It allows you to print multiple reports within a date range instead of just one at a time.

Also, the wording "Employee Responsible" has been changed to "Staff Trained" and a correction was made to the calendar/date popups.

Medication Variance Report - TN

Tennessee has a new Medication Variance Report under Maintenance, General Reports called "Med Variance Report".  This report shows the same Medication Variance Report that you see under the Individuals section, while allowing you to search for multiple reports for multiple individuals between two dates.  You can select to search by the variance date or the date entered.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Direct Care Pro

Here's a screenshot from Direct Care Pro showing the individual selected having a daily note done for them.

Caseload Communications Tool -- Management Summary

ISC Agencies now have the "Management Summary" report in their Communications Tools module.  This report summarizes all of the individual reports by ISC and shows any areas needing attention.  Notes added from each report area are shown in that report's column, while an additional Management Note can be added that addresses the overall status of the individual for the month and year chosen. 

(Adding a Management Note (above))
(After Management Note is Added)
We also added the Incident date to the Additional Activity note that's automatically created when an ISC reviews a newly added incident.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


  • We've added a "View Last 24 Hours (Quick)" link to the individual's page.  It only brings back notes, medications given, and ABC Data.
  • We have improved the speed of our "View Last 24 Hours..." reports.  If you only need the information above, please use the "Quick" report. 
  • We are continuing with other Stability/Optimization efforts to improve system speed throughout the application.
  • Our Direct Care Pro off-line system is ready for use for adding Daily Notes, Nurse Notes, and CB notes -- even if the Internet is down.  When it detects that the Internet is available it adds any notes stored locally to the InfoServDD application automatically.
  • The Upload link now works for the Training link per employee in case you need to attach files to training taken.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


We are constantly improving InfoServDD on a daily basis.  Some things are behind the scenes "maintenance" development or bug fixes and are not very noticeable to you, while others are very noticeable.  We recently upgraded our development and server software to the latest version available.  This update has improved the performance of InfoServDD dramatically.

Caseload Communications Tool for Tennessee ISCs:  We have been refining the tool and concentrating on a version of the Combination Report which also allows the fixes to be made from one screen for various modules.  We also added a field to Demographics which can be used to exclude an individual from the Services/Appeals report on the Caseload Communications Tool.

Fire Drills/Weather Drills: Now asks whether or not a carbon monoxide detector is present and working (for most agencies).

Medications/Prescriptions:  Under the Prescriptions link, you can now enter whether or not the non-PRN med should be taken Daily, every other day, every three days, every week, every two weeks, etc.

HIPAA Logging: Improvements have been made to our facility that logs each and every action that a user takes.  Our logger records the date/time, information about the user and their agency, the specific action taken, and information about the individual/consumer/service recipient that they're working with, if applicable.

Secure Emails:  The Incident form in Virginia is now emailed using our new secure/encrypted email service.  This will be rolled out to all agencies requesting it as soon as possible.  (Note that My Messages is and always has been secure since it is on our secure site.)  If you are using our Secure Email solution and Gmail, you will by-pass having to provide a password since Gmail can handle the end-to-end security handoff.

Help Wiki:  The new Help Documentation Wiki is now available from the Help Documentation link on the Home page.  It is still under development, but could be useful to you in its current state.  By the way, help documentation will always be "under development" since we constantly add to and improve upon InfoServDD, which is the reason we chose to move towards this more efficient style.  The wiki allows you to type in any search phrase into the search box or you can follow the link for your state and drill down into the topic you want to review that way.

Incident Committee:  The Tennessee Incident Committee Report has been fixed.  The Report link under the Committee View (seen after you click on the Committee link of an incident when a Committee record already exists), is formatted as a PDF.  The Incident Committee information also is available on the Incident report.

Texas FC Note:  The Address on the FC Note has been corrected so that the address of the service recipient at the time of the note stays with the note.

My Clock-Ins/Outs:  Instead of just showing the current period, we now allow employees to perform searches by date range on their own time sheets.

Quarterly Summaries for Virginia:  Corrections were made on the Quarterly Summaries so that all applicable Outcomes/Goals were shown.

Service Authorization Attachments: There was an issue with the attachments for service plan authorizations.  This issue has been fixed

Automatic Error Reporting:  We now send every error to our support staff with an error number and all of the information necessary for us to properly diagnose and fix the issue.  You now see a "We are sorry..." message instead of the old error message.  This keeps you from having to copy/paste the error message and has helped us be more proactive at fixing issues. 

Casual Site Visits:  They used to default to the first site in the alphabetical list.  That seemed like a good idea, but some people forgot to change the site.  So we now default it to "blank" and force you to choose a site.

Nurse Workload Signatures:  Signatures were added to the Nurse Workload reports.

Vehicle Checklist:  This report now allows you to filter by the Unit number.

Automatic Logout:  When a user closes down the browser without logging out and then the browser is restarted and InfoServDD is selected, it automatically takes you to the login page.

Direct Care Pro:  We are continuing the development of our "off-line capable" software that handles entering notes and other actions even while your internet connection is down.  The first note will be entered through this system on July 18th and we are very excited about this product.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mock Fire Drill Query

We've added a new query under Maintenance for Mock Fire Drills.  The "Q1", "Q2", etc. fields refer to the yes or no answers given for the questions on the form.

Color-coded Combined Notes

The Combined Notes report now displays different color for each message type to make it easier to differentiate between the notes.  Also, the outcome/goal progress note type now includes the outcome action description by the note type.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tennessee Incident Form Change -- Investigator's Name Added

The short and long incident forms for Tennessee have been changed to include a field to enter the investigator contacted.  (The more detailed investigation form still exists.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Roadmap: "Direct Care Pro"

Our project currently code-named "Direct Care Pro" is a separate piece of software for handling many of the daily tasks done by Direct Care Professionals.  It will be installed one time on your computer by clicking on a link from InfoServDD. 

Some sites in rural areas have trouble with their Internet service.  This new tool will constantly check the status of your Internet connection and will store the data locally and then synchronize the data with the on-line system when it becomes available.  So even if the Internet goes down, your notes, etc. will be saved!

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new tool!

Sleep Chart Enhancements

The Sleep Chart report now has a total band at the bottom to calculate the amount of sleep between 8pm from the previous night to 8am of the next day for each day of the month.

Peek at the Upcoming Help Wiki

Here's a sneak peek at the new help/documentation wiki:
It will be available later this summer (2011).

Friday, June 10, 2011

Time Tracking Changes for Weekly and Bi-Weekly Periods

If you run our Time Tracking Payroll report and compute payroll based on a weekly or bi-weekly period, overtime is now calculated based on a simple 40 hour work week.

If you compute payroll based on a semi-monthly or monthly period, overtime is still calculated based on a Sunday through Saturday work week.  For example, this month -- June 2011 -- the first day of the month actually started on a Wednesday.  If you had worked on Sunday, May 29, Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st for 8 hours a day and also worked 8 hours a day Wednesday the 1st through Saturday, you would have 8 hours of overtime for the first "week" of June (because it takes into account the 29th - 31st).

Seizure Chart Now Part of View Last 24 Hours

We have added our seizure chart to the View Last 24 Hours report.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caseload Communications Tool -- "Combined Report"

We have added a "Combined Report" for the Caseload Communications Tool.
The Combined Report runs all 5 reports on the left-hand side at once for the selected ISC (or selected ISC group) or per individual.  Remember that you can change the output for anything you do from the screen to a PDF file by clicking on the screen icon on the left.

Medication Administration Enhancements

A new image appears when a medication to be given is categorized as a controlled substance.  Also, the box holding the medication name turns red when the medication is not given/recorded.

Also, we will be turning on a feature we used to have that sent out notifications when a medication has not been given within the 1/2 hour before or 1/2 hour after time period.  The notifications will be sent to the employees/associates linked to the individuals under the Notifications module under Maintenance.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the Roadmap: New Help Documentation Wiki

As you know, we currently have a number of manuals and "Quick Start" guides that you can utilize to get yourself familiar with InfoServDD.  We will also be providing documentation in a Wikipedia-style format so that you can search for the information you need more efficiently.   We have hired a team of technical writers to make the Documentation Wiki available sometime this summer. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Secure Email

PHS will be rolling out our end-to-end secure email to those that wish to use it.  We will continue to support My Messages, which is already secure, but is for intra-office email (only).   PHSSecure Email, unlike your typical email accounts, forces the user to go through a secure site to retrieve an email sent by our servers.  Gmail users will see no difference, but their email will have been sent securely from end to end (because Gmail can pick up the email on a secure "channel").  Typically, State email systems will also be able to handle the secure email traffic seamlessly as well.  If you don't have Gmail and receive a message from InfoServDD, the message will include a link for you to follow so that you can enter a password and then continue on to the secure email site to pick up the original message.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Training Specific to the Individual -- Update

We've changed the way we authorize the signatures to appear on the Training Specific to the Needs of the Individual report. 
  • The instructor needs to go to the Employee module and add a "Training Schedule" record for each individual. 
  • Choose the Training Specific to the Needs of the Individual course and be sure to select all employees who received the training. 
  • Mark the training as "Complete" or "Passed" and Submit/Save.

Now when the employee logs in and selects the individual and clicks on the Training Specific... report, it will automatically send them to an authorization page where they can read/review the training specific instructions and then click on Submit/Save to load the report with the instructor signature and their own on the report.

Combined Notes Report

We've added a link called "View Notes" by the "View Last 24 Hours" link in order to view all of the different note types together sorted by time and with the same format.  Outcome Progress notes include the score recorded as well.

Employee File Uploads

You can now upload many different types of employee files per employee from the Employment History screen.  You are able to define the employee upload types from Maintenance, Pull-down Management by selecting "Employee File Upload" as the pull-down and then by adding additional types/categories.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Medication Administration "Tweaks"

We've been updating the Medication Administration module and have more to come.  The "Scheduled Time" for the med automatically populates, but only if the time you're entering the med is within an hour of the scheduled times you've added to the med/prescription.  Just keep in mind that you are matching the date and time given to the scheduled date/time so that it matches up correctly on the MAR Report.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

View Last 24 Hours Enhancement

The "View Last 24 Hours" report now includes the Medication Administration Report (MAR) at the very bottom for every state except Virginia.  (Virginia requires a Program designation to be entered prior to printing the report, so you must still run it from the MAR Report link there.)

Free Conference Calling

Clark Howard (the financial guru) recommends for your conference calling needs.  The service is completely free.  If you pay for long distance calls with your telephone plan, you'll still be paying that.  If you have unlimited long-distance, then it's all free.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Caseload Activity Dashboard Enhancement

We've added an option to output the Caseload Activity reports to PDF (in addition to the screen).
Also, pre-planning records get created automatically as needed and populated with ISP effective dates and other associated dates.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Training Specific to an Individual -- Authorization

We now have a separate authorization process for the signatures to appear on the Training Specific to an Individual report.  From the Individuals/Service Recipients module, find the new menu "Training Spec. Auth." and add a new record so that an employee and trainer can authorize the training for that individual was completed.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

InfoServDD System Availability

Ever wondered what our system availability is?  We switched to a new monitoring service recently and I hadn't received any alerts about it being down (ever).  It turns out, it just hasn't been down. How about 100% uptime?  We'll take that...

New Feature: Add Group Member to Groups in My Messages

We've added a new pull-down to add new group members to the public or private groups you have saved in My Messages.  Just click on the ---Add Group Member--- pull-down and select the new group member you want to add.... simple as that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

InfoServDD Home Page

InfoServDD is web-based software available for agencies supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and is available for customization for many different states.  We serve agencies in Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Indiana, and Virginia.  We have been adding features to InfoServDD since the spring of 2000 and it has become an incredibly robust application for Independent Support Coordination agencies, therapy agencies, or agencies providing residential, day, or nursing care. 

Phone List

The Phone List report has been modified to include whether or not an employee has been "cleared to drive".  Home and cell phone numbers are also restricted to only non-management personnel.  The report is available in PDF format.

My Secure Messages

This feature allows our users to send emails internally using a secure connection.  There is no additional charge for this service.  Alerts generated by the system are also delivered via My Secure Messages.  Users can send messages to public or private groups and can add attachments and reply/reply all or forward.

Monday, March 7, 2011

New support for Digital Persona (Windows 7) Biometric Fingerprint Scanners!

We now not only support Topaz fingerprint scanning devices, but also Digital Persona fingerprint scanners which work with Windows 7!   InfoServ DD utilizes biometric scanning technology to ensure that our users can quickly and easily login and clock-in to InfoServ DD.

Caseload Activity Dashboard for ISC Agencies

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blank MAR

You now have the ability to print off a MAR report with the calendars and detailed information about the medications, but without the dates and times given.  Just choose the "Blank form" option on the MAR report.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blog

InfoServ DD has a new way to tell you about recently added features and planned features!

Here are some of our features for Individuals:

    •  Search by Name/SSN
    •  Edit Demographics
    •  Add Individual
    •  New Health Passport
    •  HealthCare Oversight
    •  HealthCare Report
    •  Enter Passport Info
    •  Personal Info Sheet
    • Checkbook
      •  View Entries
      •  Add Entry
      •  Checking Report
      •  Excel Report
      •  Entry Report
      •  Balances
      •  Summary
      •  Reconciliation
      •  Add Reconciliation
    • Personal Finances
      •  View
      •  Add
    • Petty Cash
      •  View
      •  Add
    • Property
      •  View Property
      •  Add Property
      •  Property Report
    • Legal Forms
      •  Select Form
    • Referrals
      •  View Referrals
      •  Add Referral
      •  Edit Referral
      •  Delete Referral
      •  Referral Report
    • Visitor Log
      •  View
      •  Add
      •  Report
  • Activity Calendar
    •  View
    •  Add
    •  Calendar
  • Menu Calendar
    •  View
    •  Add
    •  Clone
    •  Calendar
  •  Add Daily Notes
    • Daily Notes
      •  Search
      •  Add Daily Notes
      •  Edit Template
      •  Reports
    • Daily Support Notes
      •  View Notes
      •  Add Note
      •  Edit Template
      •  Report
    • ABC Data
      •  View
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • BSP
      •  View
      •  Add
    • Nurse Notes
      •  View Notes
      •  Add Note
      •  Edit Template
      •  Report
    • Nurse Assessment
      •  View
      •  Add
    • Nurse Workload
      •  View Notes
      •  Add Nurse Workload
      •  Edit Template
      •  Report
    • Therapy Progress
      •  View Notes
      •  Add Note
      •  Report
    • Provider-Mo. Reviews
      •  View Reviews
      •  Search
      •  Add Review
      •  Automatic Review
      • Reports
        •  All
        •  Search
    • Assessments / BSP
      •  This Year
      •  Search
      •  Add Assessment or BSP
      • Reports
        •  All
        •  Searc
    • Addresses
      •  View Addresses
      •  Add Address
      •  Address Report
    • Contacts
      •  View Contacts
      •  Link Contact
      •  Contact Report
      •  Contact Notes
    • Professionals
      •  View Prof.
      •  Link Prof.
      •  Prof. Report
    • Insurance
      •  View Policies
      •  Add Policy
      •  Ins. Policy Report
    •  Work With Charts
      •  Charting Report
    • Attendance
      •  Search
      •  Add Attendance
      •  Report
    • BM
      •  Search
      •  Add BM
      •  BM Report
    • Hygiene
      •  Search
      •  Add Record
      •  Report
    • Seizure
      •  Search
      •  Add Seizure
      •  Seizure Report
    • Seizure Obs
      •  View
      •  Add
    • Weight
    • Menstrual
      •  View
      •  Add Menstrual
      •  Report
    • Day Services
      •  View
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • Fluid Intake
      •  Search
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • Fluid Output
      •  Search
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • Vitals
      •  View
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • Support. Employment
      •  View
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • Sleep
      •  View
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • Positioning
      •  Search
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • Range of Motion
      •  Search
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • Body Inspection
      •  Search
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • Diagnosis
      •  View Diagnoses
      •  Add Diagnosis
      •  Diag. Report
    • MAR
      •  Give Medication
      •  List Open MARs
      •  MAR Report
      •  Mo. MAR List
    • Med/Prescrip
      •  Add Med
      •  Edit Med
      •  Delete Med
      •  Prescriptions
      •  Medication Report
      •  Current Med Report
      •  Pharmacy Report
    • Med Count
      •  View
      •  Add
      •  Report
    • Med Variance
      •  View
      •  Add
    •  Current OUTCOMES
    •  All OUTCOMES
    •  Search Instructions
    •  ISP OUTCOMES Report
    •  Action Status Report
    •  View Staff Instruc.
    •  Staff Instruc. Report
    •  Add Progress Note
  • ISP
    •  View ISPs
    •  Add ISP
    •  Download Form
    •  View
    •  Add
    •  Report
    •  PCP/Specialist Chron.
  • SERVICE PLAN / Cost Plan
    •  Cost Plan
    •  Cost Plan Report
    •  SERVICE PLAN Report
    •  View Movement
    •  Add Movement
    •  Edit Movement
    •  Delete Movement
    •  Movement Report
  • PSR
    •  View PSR
    •  Add PSR
    •  View
    •  Add
    •  View My County
    •  View Incidents
    •  Add Incident
    •  Add Incident Short
    • Reports
      •  By Description
      •  By Type
      •  By Severity
      •  By Location
      •  High Risk Review
      •  Investigation Info
      •  Committee Reviews
      •  Incident Query
      •  Committee Query
    •  View Old Tools
    •  View New Tools
    •  Add Tool
...and some of our Financial Features:

    •  Create monthly billing
    •  Unpaid billing records
    •  Closed billing cycles
    •  Enter actual amounts
    •  Close billing cycle
    •  Delete billing cycle
    • Reports
      • Billing
        •  Billing
        •  Cumulative
        •  Billing Calendar
        •  Billing Query
        •  Adjustments
      • Therapy
        •  Therapy Billing
        •  Util. Tracking
        •  Util. Tracking2
        •  Therapist UB92
        •  Billing Calendar
        •  Bill. Cal. Travel
      • Service/Cost Plans
        •  Service Plans
        •  SP Disposition
        •  Cost Plans
        •  CP Query
    •  Add Adjustment
    •  Edit Adjustment
  • COA Export
    •  Add New COA
    •  Edit COA
    •  Delete COA
    •  COA Report
  • Batch Checking
    •  Search
    •  Add
...and some of our Employee/Contractor features:

  • Employee Mgmt
    •  Add Employee
    •  Display All
    •  Employee Search
  • Employee Training
    •  Employee Training
  • Admin Notes
    •  View Notes
    •  Add Note
    •  Delete Note
    •  Report
  • Exec Notes
    •  View Notes
    •  Add Note
    •  Delete Note
    •  Report
  • Applicants
    •  View Applicants
    •  Add Applicant
  • Applications
    •  View Applications
  • Job Postings
    •  View Jobs
    •  Add Job
  • Discipline
    •  View List
    •  Add
  • Misconduct
    •  View List
    •  Add
  • Evaluation
    •  View List
    •  Add
  • Training Schedule
    •  View Schedule
    •  Add Schedule
    •  Report
  • Shift Schedules
    •  View Shift Schedules
    •  Add Shift Schedule
    •  Shift Sched. Report
  • Work Schedules
    •  View Work Schedule
    •  Add Schedule
    •  Work Sched. Report
    •  Work Calendar
  • Workers Comp
    •  View Claims
    •  Add Claim
    •  Search Claims
  • Permissions Mgmt
    •  Edit User Groups
  • General Reports
    •  Applicants
    •  Auto Ins. Expirations
    •  Caseload
    •  Caseload Units
    •  Caseload CPRates
    •  Disciplary Action
    •  Drivers License Exp.
    •  Employees
    •  Employment
    •  Health Info
    •  INS Exp.
    •  Medication Certified
    •  New Employees
    •  Next Evaluation Due
    •  Personnel Checklist
    •  Terminations
    •  Time Tracking
    •  Training Record All
    •  Training Record
    •  Training ISC
    •  Training List
    •  Training Due All
    •  User Rights
    •  Workers Comp
    •  Work Sites
    •  Work Schedules
  • Queries
    •  Employees
    •  Employment
    •  Health
    •  Job Applicants
    •  Job Postings
    •  Leave
    •  Positions
    •  Training
    •  Login/Out
...and some of our Maintenance features:

  • Agency Mgmt
    •  View Agency
    •  Agency Sites
  • Casual Site Visit
    •  View Visits
    •  Add Visit
    •  Visit Report
  • Consumer Checklist
    •  View
    •  Add
    •  Report
  • Contacts Mgmt
    •  Add Contact
    •  Edit Contact
    •  Delete Contact
  • DS Weekly Schedule
    •  View
    •  Add
    •  Schedule
  • Fire/Weather Drills
    •  View Drills
    •  Add Drill Record
    •  Drill Report
  • Health Items Mgmt
    •  View All
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