Thursday, December 24, 2015

For Tennessee Users -- Two New Note Types

For Tennessee Users Only:

CB Wrap Around and Individual Integrated Employment note types have been added to the system.

From Charting, Requirements, select these new note types per individual as needed.

The notes will appear on their Quick Menus from their Personal Info Page if selected from Charting Requirements.

These two new note types will be added to the billing report.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Features

Side Effects now get automatically populated from Pharmacy Connection if no side effects carry forward otherwise.
You can still select the WebMD side effects link to see their side effects and comments.

The diagnosis field is now available to be filled from Pharmacy Connection.

On the Prescriptions menu option (Individuals, Med Admin), those with accounts with Delmar Pharmacy will be able to see the script images directly for each prescription re-order number ("RO Number").  So you will no longer have to download and then upload those into our system.  This works for prescriptions in the past as well.  After you select the prescription to search for, a "See Image" link appears to the right of the View or Edit links.  Click See Image and it pops up a new window with the prescription's order image.  This should be a big time saver.

Tennessee:  A new version of the ISP was added.  In addition, the ISP is now divided into easier to manage sections.  Just fill out the first page and save and then click on a link to another page.

We have a new Documentation Checklist that's available under Maintenance and is on the Individual menu as well.  (Ask about this feature if you do not currently see it on your menus.)