Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Clock-Ins

  • Some agencies now may see a new time sheet format for tracking clock-ins and outs.  
  • We have also integrated our time sheets with ADP (a very well-known third party payroll system). 
  • In addition, we are re-working our work scheduling capabilities to make them easier to use and maintain.

View Notes Report

As you know, the "View Notes" report (a.k.a. "One Note") is available from each individual's main screen.  It only goes back 24 hours though.  To see more than 24 hours worth of data, you can click on "Notes", "Daily Support Notes", and "One Note" to select a larger date range.  This report combines notes from different areas in chronological order into a single report.

We are also adding this report to Maintenance, General Reports so that you can select multiple individuals from there.

Training Due

The "Training Due All" report under Employees, General Reports now works differently than in the past for some agencies.  (If you would like yours to work as explained below, please contact us.)

The courses that will show up as courses to check for come from the courses associated with the employee's position.

Change courses associated with each position at your agency from Maintenance, Position Mgmt.  So if you change the position "Direct Care Professional" (or something similar to that that you may have) here, then every employee who has been assigned that position will have those courses associated with them.
(Position Mgmt edit screen, where you can select courses associated with each position)

There is also a new choice to show courses that were taken, even if they are not due (as shown below).  If you want to see even when courses are not due, change the "Show only courses due?" selection to "No".
Notice that we also added new options to let you choose all employees with a particular position or in a particular department.

You would then see something similar to the following:
 So there is some work you will have to do to get the positions set up, but the added flexibility should be more than worth the effort!  We also now provide a "Percentage Complete" for each each employee at the bottom of each employee's list.

If you get updates from the College of Direct Support and import those into the system, you should also make sure that the courses have the CDS module names associated with them.  If you do, the end result is that there is no manual entry of courses taken and you can get an up to the minute listing of all training due for today's date or any date in the future.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Salaried Clock-in and out

If your pay type is "Exempt" or "Salary" on your most recent position record under your employment history AND you have selected to not use a fingerprint device (a setting on your employee record), then when you click on "Clock-In" or "Clock-Out" from the Home Page you can enter your clock-in date and time and clock-out date and time all at once.  You must enter a comment and memo to describe if the time was scheduled/work or vacation, etc.