Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mock Fire Drill Query

We've added a new query under Maintenance for Mock Fire Drills.  The "Q1", "Q2", etc. fields refer to the yes or no answers given for the questions on the form.

Color-coded Combined Notes

The Combined Notes report now displays different color for each message type to make it easier to differentiate between the notes.  Also, the outcome/goal progress note type now includes the outcome action description by the note type.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tennessee Incident Form Change -- Investigator's Name Added

The short and long incident forms for Tennessee have been changed to include a field to enter the investigator contacted.  (The more detailed investigation form still exists.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Roadmap: "Direct Care Pro"

Our project currently code-named "Direct Care Pro" is a separate piece of software for handling many of the daily tasks done by Direct Care Professionals.  It will be installed one time on your computer by clicking on a link from InfoServDD. 

Some sites in rural areas have trouble with their Internet service.  This new tool will constantly check the status of your Internet connection and will store the data locally and then synchronize the data with the on-line system when it becomes available.  So even if the Internet goes down, your notes, etc. will be saved!

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new tool!

Sleep Chart Enhancements

The Sleep Chart report now has a total band at the bottom to calculate the amount of sleep between 8pm from the previous night to 8am of the next day for each day of the month.

Peek at the Upcoming Help Wiki

Here's a sneak peek at the new help/documentation wiki:
It will be available later this summer (2011).

Friday, June 10, 2011

Time Tracking Changes for Weekly and Bi-Weekly Periods

If you run our Time Tracking Payroll report and compute payroll based on a weekly or bi-weekly period, overtime is now calculated based on a simple 40 hour work week.

If you compute payroll based on a semi-monthly or monthly period, overtime is still calculated based on a Sunday through Saturday work week.  For example, this month -- June 2011 -- the first day of the month actually started on a Wednesday.  If you had worked on Sunday, May 29, Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st for 8 hours a day and also worked 8 hours a day Wednesday the 1st through Saturday, you would have 8 hours of overtime for the first "week" of June (because it takes into account the 29th - 31st).

Seizure Chart Now Part of View Last 24 Hours

We have added our seizure chart to the View Last 24 Hours report.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caseload Communications Tool -- "Combined Report"

We have added a "Combined Report" for the Caseload Communications Tool.
The Combined Report runs all 5 reports on the left-hand side at once for the selected ISC (or selected ISC group) or per individual.  Remember that you can change the output for anything you do from the screen to a PDF file by clicking on the screen icon on the left.

Medication Administration Enhancements

A new image appears when a medication to be given is categorized as a controlled substance.  Also, the box holding the medication name turns red when the medication is not given/recorded.

Also, we will be turning on a feature we used to have that sent out notifications when a medication has not been given within the 1/2 hour before or 1/2 hour after time period.  The notifications will be sent to the employees/associates linked to the individuals under the Notifications module under Maintenance.