Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the Roadmap: New Help Documentation Wiki

As you know, we currently have a number of manuals and "Quick Start" guides that you can utilize to get yourself familiar with InfoServDD.  We will also be providing documentation in a Wikipedia-style format so that you can search for the information you need more efficiently.   We have hired a team of technical writers to make the Documentation Wiki available sometime this summer. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Secure Email

PHS will be rolling out our end-to-end secure email to those that wish to use it.  We will continue to support My Messages, which is already secure, but is for intra-office email (only).   PHSSecure Email, unlike your typical email accounts, forces the user to go through a secure site to retrieve an email sent by our servers.  Gmail users will see no difference, but their email will have been sent securely from end to end (because Gmail can pick up the email on a secure "channel").  Typically, State email systems will also be able to handle the secure email traffic seamlessly as well.  If you don't have Gmail and receive a message from InfoServDD, the message will include a link for you to follow so that you can enter a password and then continue on to the secure email site to pick up the original message.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Training Specific to the Individual -- Update

We've changed the way we authorize the signatures to appear on the Training Specific to the Needs of the Individual report. 
  • The instructor needs to go to the Employee module and add a "Training Schedule" record for each individual. 
  • Choose the Training Specific to the Needs of the Individual course and be sure to select all employees who received the training. 
  • Mark the training as "Complete" or "Passed" and Submit/Save.

Now when the employee logs in and selects the individual and clicks on the Training Specific... report, it will automatically send them to an authorization page where they can read/review the training specific instructions and then click on Submit/Save to load the report with the instructor signature and their own on the report.

Combined Notes Report

We've added a link called "View Notes" by the "View Last 24 Hours" link in order to view all of the different note types together sorted by time and with the same format.  Outcome Progress notes include the score recorded as well.

Employee File Uploads

You can now upload many different types of employee files per employee from the Employment History screen.  You are able to define the employee upload types from Maintenance, Pull-down Management by selecting "Employee File Upload" as the pull-down and then by adding additional types/categories.