Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Internet Explorer 11 -- Expanded Menu Issue

The latest version of Internet Explorer, version 11, expands all of our menus.  You probably will not want to see all of the sub-menus that exist in our system since there are so many.
Another glitch with IE 11 is that you may not be able to see the editor for daily notes or other areas that require our word processor-like editor.  (Nurse notes uses an editor that is compatible with IE 11.  We will change all other notes over to this editor soon.)

To fix this:
  • Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, click on "F12 - developer tools".
  • Click on the down arrow on the left until you see "computer monitor/smart phone".
  • Under Mode, change Document Mode to 9, and user agency string to Internet Explorer 9.

  •  Go back to Tools, and click on Compatibility View Settings and add to the list.
  • Under Mode, change Document Mode to 9, and User agency string to Internet Explorer 9.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Messages Permissions

We have added "My Messages" to the employee permissions screen.

Please note that if you change an employee's permissions, the default permissions for My Messages defaults to "None".  Make sure you change this to A/E/D if you want the employee to have access to My Messages.

The one exception is that we will still allow the employee to see a message that was marked as "Required" (required reading).  If they have "None" as their My Messages permissions, as soon as they mark the required message and leave My Messages, they would be unable to access My Messages.

Your agency may only allow Human Resource Managers or supervisors to access the employee permissions module.  So contact the person in your organization who can edit your permissions if you know that you should have access to My Messages but no longer do.