Monday, December 16, 2013

My Messages Enhancements

My Messages will have a bit of a new look and feel in the coming days.  The changes below are in the final testing stages.

New features include:

Sorting by column -- click on the column header and it sorts in ascending or descending order

Searches by column -- click on the right hand side of a column to use the new filter 

Go to Page....-- type in a page number at the bottom to go to a particular page 

Deleting multiple messages at once -- click on the new checkbox to the left of each message and then 
click on the delete button at the bottom to delete all messages checked
Bug fixed -- You should also no longer see any instances where the messages get skewed because of strange formatting within a specific message.

Compatibility -- My Messages should also work better now from devices such as iPhones, Android phones, and browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Show All Future Appointments Per Caseload

We've always shown future appointments per individual on their detailed information page and through various reports.  But now you can login and immediately get a look at all the doctor visits and other appointments for the day and in the future for all individuals in your caseload.  If you have permissions to see all individuals, then your list will show everyone.

This report is available only from the home page from the left-hand menu:

Once selected you will see a report like the following that is in date/time order:
You can click on the "Med Encounter" link to see a "doctor-ready" visit form with all of the individual's medications (non-standing order meds), their contact info, etc. as we have always shown on the Medical Encounter form.

The "Home Page" link in the upper right gets you back to InfoServDD.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Body Mass Index

BMI has been added to the weight chart report. 
It only shows up if the height is entered in inches.
The height automatically updates the demographics height to inches from the weight chart.
On demographics, we now show text out to the side of height asking the user to enter the height in inches and then we show the feet and inches if currently entered as inches.  We added text to the right of weight explaining that both weight and height can be updated/overwritten from the weight chart.