Monday, January 30, 2012

View Last 24 Hours Changes

"View Last 24 Hours (All)" has been split into separate reports.  View Last 24 Hours has everything it used to have except all charting and medication administration reports.  Those can be found as "View Charts" and "View Medications" as seen below.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mock Fire Drill Enhancements

PHS has added a new enhanced Mock Fire Drill feature to InfoServ DD.

  • A trainer (existing employee) answers the questions on the Mock fire drill form with a new employee to that site and enters responses in Infoserv DD.
  • This creates a Trainer signed Mock fire drill and send notification to the new employee the drill has been completed.
  • The new employee logs on to InfoServ DD and in his ‘my messages’ is the Mock Fire Drill report for him to review.
  • When new employee agrees the Mock Fire Drill was completed by the Trainer, the employees signature is added to the form and a Training Record is created with the uploaded signed Mock Fire Drill and a notification is sent to the Manager/Supervisor of the new employee the Mock Fire Drill has been completed.