Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fix for CyberSitter Issue with Personal Info Menu

If you have a computer using CyberSitter Internet filtering that has trouble showing the new pull-down menus on the Personal Info page, please add the following to the allowable URL list:

This will fix the issue and the new menu will be displayed.

(Scroll down to see the "New Menu Option" post on May 29th below for a picture of the menu.)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Outcomes / Goals Progress Notes Change

We have always shown all of the progress notes that have been written throughout the month on the Progress Notes entry screen/report. But some individuals/consumers have several and the notes can be lengthy.  So we've added a new link at the top that allows you to toggle between showing all the notes/history or just showing each outcome/goal along with the link to add a new note.

This should be especially helpful near the end of the month for those with several outcomes/goals.

Look at the top of the screen for the new link "Click here to Show with NO History".

Thursday, October 2, 2014

By-passing Required Reading in My Messages

We have added a way for you to by-pass required reading in My Messages.  This is just an option that you can use in special situations.

You may need to turn this on temporarily for an Executive Director or someone who has been out on leave for several weeks and needs to immediately access the system without having to view every message that has been marked as required. 

Note that the red "Required Reading" message will still be present at the top of the My Messages screen to let the employee know that these important messages still need to be viewed.

To turn on this capability, edit the employee's permissions and go to the bottom of the form.
Change the permissions for "My Messages: By-pass Required Reading" to A/E/D.