Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Medication Changes

The Route has been added to our MAR Report and Current Medication reports and to the Give Med screen.

The MAR report now has an option to "gray out" dates/times when the medication should not be given.
If the med is to be given every other day, you can start the prescription on 1/1/2012 and yet change the first date to be given to 1/2/2012 so that it only shows up on the Give Med screen every other day starting on the 2nd.

Our new medication screens will be available as soon as agencies have been trained.  The Give Med screen will be based on a calendar.  If you hover over the "Give Med" link of a particular medication, it will give you the details about the dosage, etc.   Notice that you will also be able to select a different individual directly from the Give Med screen.  This new interface should help make it easier to identify issues such as missed meds by turning the medication background red.

College of Direct Support - Optional Module Name Addition

The CDS import now takes into account when you have a course that is the 2nd/optional CDS course name (if it is added to the Course record and then matches the module name in the Excel spreadsheet).

So if you add the optional module name to a course and the import spreadsheet matches it, it will import the record.  (In other words a single course in InfoServDD can have two different College of Direct Support course names.)