Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Messages - New Message Preview Feature

We have added a way to preview a single message or multiple messages from My Messages while still on the list.  Just click on the right arrow to the left of the message row and it will drop down a small scrollable window with the message content.  The arrow turns to a down arrow.  Just click it again to make the preview window disappear. 

You can even click on multiple messages and see all of the content at once while still on the list, which is nice in case you want to read related messages at the same time.

Previewing the message does NOT mark it as being read.  So if you only preview the message from your Inbox, it will remain there.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Exclusions Updated

The OIG.HHS.Gov Exclusions database was updated on the 10th and is ready for you to use in InfoServDD. 
Remember that you must have permissions to this from your employee permissions record to see it on your Employees menu on the lower left hand side.

Maintenance Request

We've added the job cost and labor hours to Maintenance Requests.  Tracking cost and labor is entirely optional for you, but is available now if needed.  These are currently available from the "Completed" link.