Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bypassing "Check Meds"

Bypassing the “Check Meds” Processing on an Individual Level

If you are simply keeping medications on file for an individual and don't want to see the Check Meds or Check PRN Meds buttons for them, edit their demographics record and move to the bottom of the screen.

From there, change the setting shown below to "No" and save.

Bypassing the “Check Meds” Processing on an Agency-wide Level

You can also change the overall setting for your agency by going into Maintenance, Agency Mgmt and changing the "Past Give Med Date" to something closer to today's date or even a date in the future to totally bypass the check for everyone.  The closer this date is to today's date, the less checking for missed medications it does.  In other words, it starts at this date and checks from there up to today's date for missed medications.  If the date is in the future, it does no checking at all.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TN Providers Monthly Review Report -- Outcome Rules

Which outcomes are automatically loaded on the TN Providers Monthly Review?

Rules we follow on this:
·         The outcome effective dates have to be >= the latest final ISP effective date.
·         The outcome type must be like “Supports for Daily Life” or “Personal Outcomes”.
·         The outcome action must have a Staff Instruction filled out.
·         The outcome action’s start date must be less than the date it is added for.
·         The outcome action’s end date must be greater than the first of the month of the action’s end date.
·         If you have an ISP that is more recent than the current effective date, the outcome’s effective date has to be less than this most recent (presumably new ISP for the next year).  Usually this only occurs when you have added in next year's ISP before-hand.