Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Look?

Do you like this new look for InfoServDD?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Medication Variance Enhancements

We have added a new Medication Variance report and have added a new Medication Variance query (both under the Maintenance module).  The report allows you to search by date entered or date of the variance.

DS Weekly Schedule - by Caseload

The DS Weekly Schedule add form (under the Maintenance module) now only includes individuals in your caseload.

Incident Reports

Tennessee providers and ISC agencies can now run actual PDF copies of Incident Reports in a batch.  We added a new option to either view the list of incidents and investigations or view the reports on the same "View Incidents" search/filter screen that we have always had.  It also includes the option to search by incident date or date entered/submitted.

Monthly Encounter Report (Providers)

The Monthly Encounter Report is now available to users that have caseloads.  This is a very powerful report and should prove quite useful.  It is on the Maintenance, General Reports menu.

Antecedents, Behaviors and Consequences Totals Report

We have a new report showing the total counts of antecedents, behaviors and consequences per individual/service recipient.  This report is under the Notes, ABC Data:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Application for Employment

Contact us if you want to use the new Application for Employment feature.  It allows for potential employees to enter their employment applications on-line.  Then you can use the "Review" process under Employees, Applications, View Applications to view the applications or enter review information on a particular candidate.  Once approved, you can click on "Hire Applicant" to automatically load the person into the system as an employee.

Mock Fire Drill

We have added a new Mock Fire Drill "Report" link under Maintenance, Mock Fire Drill -- beneath the "View" and "Add..." links.  It allows you to print multiple reports within a date range instead of just one at a time.

Also, the wording "Employee Responsible" has been changed to "Staff Trained" and a correction was made to the calendar/date popups.

Medication Variance Report - TN

Tennessee has a new Medication Variance Report under Maintenance, General Reports called "Med Variance Report".  This report shows the same Medication Variance Report that you see under the Individuals section, while allowing you to search for multiple reports for multiple individuals between two dates.  You can select to search by the variance date or the date entered.