Thursday, April 11, 2013


The question mark icon (as shown on the left) is available from most screens within InfoServDD to provide you with help on using a particular screen.
If you click it and no help is shown, it allows you to check out our help manuals. 

Now, you are also able to add help for others to use when no help has been provided.   Just add a title and then add help text in the editor and click Submit when you're done.  The next time you click on the ? icon on this page, it will show your content.

Example as it appears after filling out the help information for the individual's detail page:
Help Desk

After selecting an individual (service recipient), important demographic information about the person is displayed. 
  • Menu options are shown on the left-hand side to things available from this module. 
  • Quick Links are displayed under the "Personal Info" heading in the middle section.  These quick links get you up and running quickly by giving you a quick way to add notes, charts, or incidents for the selected individual.
  • You can access "My Messages" by clicking on the red "My Messages" link on the right-hand side of the page.
  • If you want to select a different individual, click on "Individuals" at the top of the page.
Please find help on this and other topics from the appropriate help manual.
Display Help Manuals

New Tennessee Provider Review Report

A new report is now available under Maintenance, General Reports named the TN Provider Review.  It displays the most recently completed Provider Review including Date and Review Period.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Assigning Multiple Supervisors

NOTE: This is available to agencies that have updated their Payroll Type on their agency management screen.  (Options are ADP, Quicken, PayChex, etc.)  If you're not using our time tracking module and linking that to a third-party payroll system, the My Supervisors link wouldn't provide you with any benefit.

We have created a new link called “My Supervisors” for each employee.  Once you’re done adding a new employee, click on this link.

This is sort of the opposite of the employee’s supervisor list, which is a list of all of the employees that the employee supervises.  If the employee is new and has no employees selected, we will pre-select all Exempt/Salaried employees automatically to be the supervisors of this employee.  You may add additional supervisors by highlighting them on the left and moving them to the right.  You may take employees off the list by moving them back to the left. 
To accept the list, click on Submit. 

If the employee is new, a special message is provided as shown above.  Otherwise, it shows the employee’s supervisors that were previously assigned.

The employee's supervisors can review their time sheets, so this makes it easier, especially when bringing a new employee on board. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tennessee Incident Form -- Injury Questions Added

In order to help identify whether or not an incident is reportable, we have included additional questions about an injury.  These fields are not required and are limited to a maximum of 500 characters each.

1) How did the Injury Occur? 
2)How was the Injury Assessed and Treated? 
3) Where was the Injury Documented (other than this form)?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Enhancements Made

Here are a few noteworthy enhancements that have been made. 

Help Desk Enhancements
You have hopefully already noticed the easier to use help desk form.  We also have created easier ways for us to reply to your requests and to track whether or not a solution has been provided.

BM Hourly Enhancement
BM charts now let you choose the hour of the day instead of just the shift.  The report will reflect this change as well.

Sleep Report
A request was made to have a way to email a Sleep Chart.  A new option asks if you want the report format in regular (html) format or in a password protected PDF format.  The PDF report can be saved to a local file and then emailed.  The password to the report is provided to you on the report filter screen.  As you know, when emailing a document that is password protected, do not provide the recipient the password within that same document.  Best practice would be for you to call them and provide it to them over the phone. 
Facility Based Notes and Charts
The “FB Note” link was added to the Individual’s Detail page.   If chosen, it now goes to a screen similar to the CB screen.  From there, the user can either add an FB note or record an absent chart.
Under Charting Requirements per Individual, the FB Chart was added.   Please update each individual’s charting requirements to include FB, if applicable.
The FB Chart is now available on the View Charts.
Billing Changes
CB only - would ideally cover a 6 hour period of time, but there could be a situation where the 6 hour period was not provided due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. the person leaves with family, gets sick, or due to weather, etc).  In that situation we could bill CB if they received at least 2 hours of service.
FB only – technically covers a 6 hour period of time.  What happens in our day programs, however, is that the staff document an 8 hour period of time (8a-4p).  The homes bring the service recipients to the center and the next residential shift doesn’t start until 4p, so we provide 8 hours of service even though we are only paid for 6.
CB and FB on the same day – if at least 3.25 hours of CB is provided, then the day can be billed as CB even though the remainder of the day has been billed as FB.
If SE is provided, then that is the service that is billed regardless of the number of CB or FB hours.
·         If CB >= 3.25 hours and there is FB, bill CB.
·         If CB >= 2 hours and there is no FB, bill CB.
·         If FB >= 2 hours and there is no CB, bill FB.
·         If CB > FB , bill CB if >= 2 hours.
Nurse Notes Confidentiality - (Feature not turned on unless requested)
On Nurse Notes, there is a new question near the bottom of the note that asks if you want the note to be confidential or not.  If defaults to no.  If you change it to yes, the Nurse Note will not be available from the View Notes or the Nurse Notes Report by anyone other than the author.

Daily Notes Addendums
We will soon be adding the ability to add onto an already existing Daily Note, so that multiple users can be associated with the same shift and main note.  Basically, the original note of the shift will become "extended" in time and will have additional signatures and comments added ot it.  This way, the Daily Notes Tracking form will not show gaps.

Check PRN Meds
We now alert you when you need to check to see if a PRN med should be given or comments should be added.  This one comes up in orange on the right-hand side of the page as shown in the picture to the right.