Friday, August 26, 2011

Direct Care Pro

Here's a screenshot from Direct Care Pro showing the individual selected having a daily note done for them.

Caseload Communications Tool -- Management Summary

ISC Agencies now have the "Management Summary" report in their Communications Tools module.  This report summarizes all of the individual reports by ISC and shows any areas needing attention.  Notes added from each report area are shown in that report's column, while an additional Management Note can be added that addresses the overall status of the individual for the month and year chosen. 

(Adding a Management Note (above))
(After Management Note is Added)
We also added the Incident date to the Additional Activity note that's automatically created when an ISC reviews a newly added incident.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


  • We've added a "View Last 24 Hours (Quick)" link to the individual's page.  It only brings back notes, medications given, and ABC Data.
  • We have improved the speed of our "View Last 24 Hours..." reports.  If you only need the information above, please use the "Quick" report. 
  • We are continuing with other Stability/Optimization efforts to improve system speed throughout the application.
  • Our Direct Care Pro off-line system is ready for use for adding Daily Notes, Nurse Notes, and CB notes -- even if the Internet is down.  When it detects that the Internet is available it adds any notes stored locally to the InfoServDD application automatically.
  • The Upload link now works for the Training link per employee in case you need to attach files to training taken.